Maintaining Straight Hair with Gold Spritz with Silicone

Kemet Gold Spritz with Silicone provides the styling freedom required in contemporary styling of all types of hair. It is excellent for heat styling with blow dryers or hot rollers. It gives a long lasting hold without reversion. Designed to give a firm hold without sticking to the curling iron. Won’t flake or build up. Increases shine and manageability. Excellent for flat iron and thermal styling.

To heat style hair without damage:

  1. Before washing hair, use a pre poo or hot oil treatment to prevent hair from being stripped during the shampoo process and increase moisture retention.
  2. Cleanse hair to remove any buildup which can create dullness during the straightening process
  3. Deep condition hair with a protein treatment which will help prevent damage during the straightening process.
  4. Detangle hair using a wide tooth comb by sectioning hair, working from ends towards roots.
  5. To dry hair, air drying is best since you are about to apply heat to it. If you have to use a blow dyer, take your time, using the coolest setting. Your hair needs to be completely dry before heat styling.
  6. Section off hair and then apply Gold Spritz with Silicone
  7. Different hair types require different temperatures, so set the styling tool at the most ideal temperature for your hair always erring on the cooler side
  8. Straighten hair in small section, trying to make just one quick pass whenever possible until desired results are achieved.
  9. Use a shine product to add additional gloss.
Gold Spritz with Silicone