While hair is basically the same – only varying in texture, color and shape, the people who love and care for it are vastly different. How hair should look and feel may vary with style as well – but there are also some basic characteristics that are shared by most. Hair should be strong and healthy. Vibrant, beautiful hair is much more appealing than dull, lifeless hair and not only does a great head of hair reflect positively on its owner, but as well of its care-giver or stylist.

The KEMET Gold line of professional hair care products was created to work congruently with one another to ensure optimal results each and every application. The KEMET product line allows for maximum flexibility and creativity with all hair types – as well as damaged and color-treated hair. With proper application, KEMET is guaranteed to produce desired results. Whether your client is undergoing a specific therapy or simply insist on the best line of products to maintain an already beautiful, healthy head of hair, KEMET is the choice for discerning hair care professionals everywhere.

In the beginning…

PV Products was developed by Vernie L. Peyton and Edless Vance, Jr. who have been in the hair industry since 1981. Their careers started with Lavern’s, a small retail beauty supply store. The partnership grew and the two entered the world of wholesale distributorship when they founded Lavern’s Distributing.

While working in the beauty supply industry, the partners became aware of serious skin and scalp problems such as dandruff, razor bumps and burns, keloids, chemical and relaxer burns and irritation, funguses, eczema and psoriasis. It was in 1996 that the partners introduced KitiKiti Professional Products to the market to combat these issues. KitiKiti was initially developed for schools of cosmetology, salons, and barbershops.